GDRP Awareness Course

The Trust Bridge team has partnered with a company that has an elearning platform ( and we will be delivering courses through the Trust Bridge Online Learning Portal, to be launched in a few weeks.

Our Introduction to GDPR Awareness programme is now available as an iphone app

Written by The Trust Bridge Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer, David Clarke, this awareness programme has 3 modules:

Module 1:  What is GDPR: Introduction / Principles / Scope

Module 2:  Types of Data:Personal Data / Sensitive Data / Children’s data

Module 3:  GDPR: Rights of Individuals / Subject Access Requests / Legal basis / Consent Management / Accountability / Data Protection Officer / Data Privacy by Design / Data Impact Assessment / Breach / Liability / Costs of Non Compliance / International and Data Sovereignty / Conclusions

Followed by an Assessment

To access the first 2 modules, free of charge, visit the iphone app store and enter “GDPR Foundation Course”and download the app.

The Course prices for the 3rd module is £95 including VAT / US $150 and can be bought by clicking on the button below

You will be sent a voucher code by email and this will allow you access to the 3rd module

Desktop and Android version coming soon