How We Work

The Bridge Approach: 


We work with our clients on their Innovation Strategy from start to finish:

Initially we run an Innovation Day: a Client specific “show and tell” followed by discussion of what can be achieved and demonstration of alliance platforms and solutions

The subsequent Innovation Workshop is designed to identify and review corporate strategic goals and opportunities. The roadmap, ROI and business case is developed.

Strategy documents are presented which lead to Project Scoping, selection of the most appropriate technolgy partners and solutions, and project management.

We offer clients quarterly reviews of the existing innovations in the market place and new opportuntities that may present themselves.

Intellectual Property Audits and Commercialisation

We offer a range of Intellectual property services with a focus on the succesful commercialisation of IP, including;

IP Audit - assessing the current state of an organisation's IP

IP Strategy - advising client on how to develop and align an IP strategy with the overall corporate strategy and objectives

IP Valuation - this is a challenging task and many technology companies undervalue their IP,  which is often significantly overlooked in financng and M&A deals. We work with clients to understand the true value of their knowhow and products.

Most companies do not have an Intellectual Property Strategy optimally aligned with their Commercial Goals. The Bridge Group explores the development, management and valuation of IP as a important factor in successful partnering.” Dr. Graham Dodgson

Sales, Marketing and go-to-market Strategy

"An effective channel strategy enables Tech companies to leverage influencers and peers in their market, achieve quicker time to value and be able to scale their business exponentially. The choice of partners and distributor is critical. Tech Partner Jam will set out how this can be achievedDavid Griffith, Channel Strategy Consultant, TTB

The Bridge Group works with clients on how to develop the best go-to-market strategy, balancing all the key elements, reviewing whether and which Channel Strategy is appropriate, the value and leverage to be gained and how it can be developed for the organisation.