It is better to transform your own business than allow your competition to do it

Case study: a large loyalty card company which has huge manufacturing plants around the world making the plastic cards that fill all our wallets – or at least used to fill our wallets, loaded with our loyalty points.

So many retailers have now moved away from this or are planning to and are launching their own loyalty programmes through web and apps, making plastic cards redundant. So what is the future for this company with its plastic manufacturing plants…?

For this company, it is critical to recognizing that digital technologies are about to overtake its world. Reinventing itself and undergoing a business transformation may seem extreme but is essential to its survival.

Can it do it - of course, and there are many ways it could become the defacto loyalty company globally but it needs to act quickly before being disintermediated by its own customers!

Apple introduced the ipad taking sales away from the Macintosh …

A coupple of years ago the only way you could get Sky movies was through a Sky box. Now Sky TV offers a cheaper service through its own internet TV product called Now TV.  This is in response to the threat posed to Sky by Netflix, Apple TV and BT TV…it may be cannibalizing its own Sky TV business but at least it is keeping consumers within the family! And attracting new ones.

Uber are looking at driverless cars…!  

Air B n B - does not own a single hotel or guest house..!

Technology change will change your business…is your business ready?